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Clever Canine offers a variety of services for you and your dog.

 In-home Dog Training

In-home dog training is done with a trainer at your home. Training can consist of anything from Basic Obedience to behavioral issues, socialization, and more. You, as a dog parent will learn how to train your dog along with how to understand what your dog is telling you through their body language.

Single and packaged privates are available.

Service and Therapy Dog Training 

Need a service dog to meet your needs or interested in becoming part of a therapy dog team and visit hospitals, schools, etc? Clever Canine can help! Our therapy/service dog program gets you and your dog ready as a team to pass all the tests necessary to become a service dog or therapy dog team. Call for more information. 

*Not all dogs are ready to start this program. A consultation will be needed to see if your dog is ready for this program. 

**Not all dogs like being therapy/service dogs or don't have the correct temperament. 

Pet Setting 

Clever Canine offers a variety of options for you and your furry little companions while you are away at work, visiting family, or just needing a little "you" time.

Over night services consist of feeding, potty-ing, exercising, and of course snuggling your pets while you're gone. Plus, other misc. things that may need to be taken of while you're gone.

Visiting services are 30-45 minute visits from one of our trainers. Feeding and potty-ing will be taken care of and always some play time of course!

Group Lessons


At Clever Canine positive reinforcement is our strongest aspect in training. We strongly believe that rewarding your dog for positive behavior rather than always punishing for negative behavior gives your dog a happier attitude at home. 

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